so you want to help mexico

i'm mexican-american. my parents lived in mexico for most of their lives, and almost my entire family currently lives in mexico. i made this carrd out of anger that not many people know about this, so here's my shot at educating you about what's happening right now.

here are some petitions to sign.

for a lot of people, education is the best tool, so don't be too upset if all you can do is learn. additionally, this carrd can't even begin to cover the tip of the iceberg, when colorism exists and indigenous peoples are mistreated daily, but i encourage you to do your own research. lastly, i want to remind you that, even when countries like mine are suffering, that doesn't take away from the strength of our people and beauty of our culture.
thank you for reading.

you literally can't escape corruption in mexico. police officers are bribed to turn a blind eye to crime, and often work to protect drug dealers. government officials profit off the hardworking citizens, and many of them have been bribed, as well. mexicans are so aware of the corrupt government that our past president's approval rate sunk down to 12% once.

human trafficking runs rampant in mexico. women are especially vulnerable to this crime, since many of them, as young as teenagers are sold into prostitution rings. it's so common that telenovelas have showcased this issue many times before. but that's not all. many times, children are kidnapped, sold, and killed for their organs. and drug cartels profit off of them.

drug trafficking is to blame for a large part of problems in mexico. drug cartels are connected to both corruption in the government and human trafficking rings. and the worst part is, nobody can really stop them. the police protects many of them, so mexican civilians are vulnerable to violence at any point in time.

hi! welcome to me ranting more about drug cartels in mexico! this issue hits so close to home because many of my family members have been victims of violence perpetuated by drug dealers. one of my cousins was killed. also, drug wars in mexico are real, and hundreds of civilians die in the crossfire. the government does nothing, which is why nobody trusts officials anymore. also, if you think staying out of drug cartels is the solution, then you're wrong! innocent teenagers are roped into crime rings because they have no other way of feeding their families, and those who try to escape drug cartels are often killed, but not before their family members are tortured and killed, too.

i wish i could say that it all ends there. but some mexicans cross the border, and despite what tr*mp says, it's not because all of us are drug dealers or rapists. many mexicans, as well as other people from latin america, seek refuge here. they come here for their children to have better futures, far away from drug cartels and civil wars. but even innocent mexicans, whether they're immigrant students or children being held in cages, are targeted in the united states too. apart from that, we face prejudice and racism every single day. we can't feel safe anywhere.